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Ultimate LED Fish Bite Alarm
Ultimate LED Fish Bite Alarm
Ultimate LED Fish Bite Alarm
Ultimate LED Fish Bite Alarm

Ultimate LED Fish Bite Alarm

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With this latest for 2019 fish bite alarm, you won't miss any bite again!

Alarms whenever there is movement on the line and is super easy to set up! Perfect for fishing at night as it illuminates with a bright blue light!

Customer Reviews:

"I was skeptical at first but my doubts were instantly removed when the alarm worked FLAWLESSLY. The first use was night time bank fishing for catfish while the wind was white capping the lake. Not a single false alarm even with a 15 -17 mph wind. That first night the alarms went off 4 times and I caught 4 fish. Rarely have I purchased a product that hits the 100% effective mark. GREAT LITTLE PRODUCT !! I am ordering a couple of spares!!"
- Kris Cummins ★★★★★

"This is a must-have for any fishermen out there, from freshwater to saltwater. They are made to the sensitivity can be set for the really timid fish ( trout ) to the really really hard biting fish. These bite alarms are made very well, don't debate on these it's a must-have for the one day fishermen to the very avid fisherman. Don't pass this up, try it, summed up in one word, AWESOME THANKS FOR READING THIS, REGGIE"
- Reginald Sutter ★★★★★

"Got it in the mail and tried it out at a local pond. Wow is it loud and it really does work! Got a few bullheads and yes it does its job well. At one point it fell off the rod when I was trying to reel one in and panicked cuz I just got them and you know what it floats! I grabbed it and tested it and it still works so I'm so glad I bought this alarm."
- John Pflaumer ★★★★★


NEVER MISS ANOTHER STRIKE: Sound and light alarm device for fishing. The alarm will notify you, when a fish hits or runs, so you can be sure to not miss the big catch.
EASE AND EFFICIENCY IN ONE PRODUCT: Small and exquisite design, easy to carry, easy to install. You only need to clip this alarm on the rod, and then wrap the fishing line around alarm, it is that simple, and convenient too!
NO DAMAGE TO YOUR FISHING ROD: Will not damage your fishing line, or any part of the fishing rod in any way as it conveniently fits on your rod without hassle.
FISH EVEN AT NIGHT: Perfect for night fishing, due to the integrated light alarm which brightens up! So you can use this product at any time of the day.


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